Deck Installation in Omaha, NE

Rejuvenate your outdoor space with professional deck installation, transforming your Omaha, NE, area into a welcoming retreat!

Deck Installation Omaha Nebraska Davis Contracting

Bid farewell to an uninspiring backyard and welcome your own personal oasis, transformed by a stylish deck! At Davis Contracting, our top priority is ensuring skilled project execution and meticulous planning, allowing you to enjoy your yard throughout the year without any hassle or stress.

Our team of professionals specializes in deck installation as part of our comprehensive remodeling services. We are committed to achieving top-tier results, ensuring each installation enhances your outdoor space and visual appeal.

wood suspended deck patio area on the side of the house

Discover Exceptional Service with Davis Contracting

With a history of over 15 years, Davis Contracting offers unmatched proficiency in every deck installation project. Our rapid completion rate and 2-year workmanship warranty underscore our dedication to providing prompt and superior service.

By selecting Davis Contracting, you receive:

Deck installation is a key area of expertise for Davis Contracting, a vital component of our home remodeling services. Explore how we can enhance your deck, patio, and more, providing both durability and elegance. Contact us today! (402) 812-4400

Explore Our Deck Installation Portfolio in Omaha, NE

Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in deck installation as a core aspect of our comprehensive remodeling offerings. Explore our portfolio today and envision the possibilities for your outdoor retreat!

Advantages of Professional Deck Installation in Omaha, NE

Average Deck Installation Costs in Omaha, NE

Deck Size Average Cost Range
8’ x 10’ $1,600 – $4,000
10’ x 10’ $2,000 – $5,000
12’ x 12’ $2,880 – $7,200
10’ x 20’ $4,000 – $10,000
12’ x 20’ $4,800 – $12,000
16’ x 16’ $5,120 – $12,800
16’ x 20’ $6,400 – $16,000
20’ x 20’ $8,000 – $20,000

Please keep in mind each project is unique, costs may vary accordingly. To receive your own personalized pricing quote, contact us at (402) 812-4400!

Key Factors Influencing Deck Installation Costs in Omaha, NE

Eager to transform your outdoor area with a new deck? Reach out to Davis Contracting at (402) 812-4400 for expert deck installation services in Omaha, NE.

Praise from Our Delighted Customers

Davis Contracting takes pride in delivering top-notch deck installation services as part of our comprehensive rebuilding services. Here’s what our satisfied clients had to say about their experiences:


Gary Anderson


Davis Contracting did an excellent job on my new bathroom.I was very pleased with the outcome. If I ever have a need for another project, I will call them first


Timothy N. Storer


They were forthcoming, punctual, and on-time. A night and day difference from the original contractor. They came highly recommended and my wife and I are thrilled with the finished product. Will be hiring them again for future projects/work.

FAQs about Deck Installation in Omaha, NE

Evaluate the material, longevity, and care requirements. Our experts can assist in selecting the ideal deck for your needs.

Yes, most deck installations require a permit. Our team is knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations, and we can assist in obtaining the necessary permits for your project.

Yes, our deck installations come with a 2-year workmanship warranty. The specifics depend on the materials and scope of work. We can provide more detailed information during your consultation.

We recommend clearing the area where the deck will be installed. Our team will handle the rest, including any necessary groundwork and site preparation.

A rattan patio set including a sofa, a table and a chair on a wooden deck in the sunny garden.

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with Davis Contracting

Opting for Davis Contracting for your deck installation ensures an extraordinary outdoor living upgrade. We’re dedicated to crafting a space perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Julius Davis

Learn more about our diverse home remodeling services, including deck installation, on our services pages, or contact us at (402) 812-4400.

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