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Increase your living space with exceptional basement remodeling in La Vista, NE.

Basement Remodeling Nebraska by Davis Contracting

Basement remodeling in La Vista, NE, can not only increase your home’s value but also provide extra functional space for you and your family.

Davis Contracting, with our 15+ years of construction experience and a track record of over 25 successful basement remodels, stands as the best choice for this task. We guarantee that you’ll feel overjoyed and content with your beautifully upgraded basement, turning it into the favorite spot of your home. Get ready for the transformation!

Turn Your Basement into your Personal Haven with Davis Contracting

When you choose Davis Contracting, you’re not just investing in a basement remodel — you’re creating a personalized haven in your own home. Our family-owned business is BBB Accredited and Class A certified, promising professionalism and quality. We transform basements, turning your under-utilized space into a cozy retreat.

Work with an experienced contractor that completely understands and meets your expectations:

Discover Our Stunning Transformations

To truly appreciate the quality and finesse of our work, we invite you to explore our diverse project portfolio. Witness firsthand the transformation we can bring to your basement, showcasing our commitment to superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

15+ years

of construction experience


basements reimagined


families served

Ready to start your basement transformation? Give us a call at (402) 812-4400 or shoot us a message. We’re here to answer your questions and put any uncertainties to rest. Once we have your project details, we can provide you with a personalized quote. Partner with us and create the basement you’ve always dreamt of.

See the Satisfaction in Our Stellar Reviews

Delve into the words of our satisfied homeowners, brimming with delight after their basement transformations. These reviews not only attest to our commitment and expertise but also present a glimpse of the satisfaction you could enjoy. Now, imagine your own joyous testimonial here soon!


Steph Lambert


Thank you to Julius and his crew for helping us update our midcentury home! Our goal was to open up the living/kitchen/dining space while maintaining many original vintage details. 

They removed a load bearing wall and vinyl flooring and replaced with wood. All work was well done, on budget and fast. The new wood floor was matched perfectly to the original wood; same with the drywall repairs needed after removing the wall, the ceiling texture was matched to the original to make the patches seamless. 

They really paid attention to the details and we couldn’t be more pleased. Everyone was courteous and helpful when we had questions. We will continue to work with Davis Contracting and recommend them to family and friends.


Joseph Velasquez


My wife chose Davis contracting to build the steps with a platform on our house. From the beginning they were on time and they worked throughout the day and did a very good job in building it. Their work exceeded my expectations in everyway, especially for the price that paid for their services.

They even addressed a couple of concerns that I had without question and without delay.

I will definitely have them at the top of my list for any future work that I need done. Julius and his crew did a great job for me and I hope anyone that reads this gives them the opportunity to work for them.

Average Basement Remodeling Cost In La Vista, NE

The cost of basement remodeling in La Vista, NE can vary based on the scope of work and specific requirements of the project.

For instance, a comprehensive remodel involving full layout changes, room separations, custom living area, bathroom, and laundry room, along with new flooring, baseboard, trim, and lights can cost around $55,000. In this scenario, the most expensive element is typically the new plumbing, which can run up to $15,000.

Before After basement remodeling 2 before, under renovationbasement remodeling 2 after gray walls, white doors and wooden floor

Small Basement Remodel In North Omaha, NE

For this 800 square-foot basement in North Omaha, we worked on:

The total quote for this project was $55k, with the most expensive item being the new plumbing at $15k.

* Please note that these are just estimates based on a past project we completed, and actual costs may vary for your unique basement. Getting a personalized quote for an accurate cost assessment is always best.

Factors Influencing Basement Remodeling Costs in La Vista, NE

When it comes to remodeling, the cost is often dictated by a variety of factors. Understanding these can help you better plan your budget and set expectations. Here are some key elements that can influence the cost of basement remodeling:

We understand that remodeling your basement can be a considerable investment, and we want to help make it more manageable. Davis Contracting offers financing options to facilitate your basement remodeling in La Vista, NE. Visit our financing page for more details and learn how we can help you create your dream basement without causing financial stress.

Chic Small Basement Modern Design Stylish Modern Basement Interior

Stress-Free Remodeling: Your Budget and Deadlines are Safe with Us

We understand that as a homeowner, the budget and time implications of a basement remodel in La Vista, NE, can be worrisome. With Davis Contracting, you can put those fears to rest.

Investing in basement remodeling in La Vista, NE is a smart move. It not only adds functional space to your home, but also substantially boosts its value. With the right remodeling, homeowners can reap significant return on investment, making this a beneficial financial decision.

At Davis Contracting, we’re not just professionals; we’re masters of time management. Our expertise guarantees accurate project timelines that we adhere to strictly, ensuring zero project delays. Plus, we respect your space, leaving it spotlessly clean once our job is done.

Our Simple 3-Step Process for Basement Remodeling In La Vista, NE

Embarking on a basement remodel with Davis Contracting is an effortless endeavor. We streamline the process into three easy-to-follow steps:




We listen, gather your ideas, and plan the perfect basement design

basement remodeling 1 before, basement under renovation



Our skilled crew executes the plan efficiently and meticulously.

Large modern basement renovation with white walls and wooden cabinets and bar



Revel in the comfort and functionality of your beautifully remodeled basement.

FAQs About Basement Remodeling In La Vista, NE

At Davis Contracting, we’re proud to have remodeled over 25 basements in the La Vista, NE area. Our extensive experience has refined our ability to efficiently and effectively transform these spaces.

Each project is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow, we look forward to helping more homeowners realize their basement dreams.

So yes, we’ve completed 25 basement remodels, and we’re always eager to add to that number. We consider each new project an exciting opportunity to create something truly remarkable.

The time frame for basement remodeling varies based on the scope of the project, but typically, we can complete a remodel within 1 to 2 months.

This duration allows us to ensure that everything is done to perfection, without rushing the process. Remember, quality work takes time, but with Davis Contracting, it’s time well spent.

Modernizing your basement involves updating its design and functionality. Begin by identifying the purpose of your space. Whether it’s a game room, home office, or a guest suite, the function will guide the design.

Choose a contemporary color palette and lighting fixtures to create ambiance. Opt for furniture that balances style and functionality. Technology integration is also key in a modern basement.

Lastly, don’t forget about efficient storage solutions. Built-in shelves or cabinets can help maintain a sleek, uncluttered look. With Davis Contracting, modernizing your basement is smooth and hassle-free.

By remodeling, you unlock the potential of this underutilized space and increase your home’s square footage.

Revamping an older basement boosts the overall value of your home, making it a wise investment. Whether you aim to create a home gym, a guest suite, or a play area, a finished basement serves multiple purposes.

At Davis Contracting, we combine our experience and expertise to transform your old basement into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. With us, every renovation is a step towards enhancing your home’s comfort and value.

Gain a Remarkable Basement with Davis Contracting

Julius Davis

Why settle for anything less than exceptional? With over 15 years of experience, a Class A certification, and a dedicated team, Davis Contracting is your best choice for basement remodeling in La Vista, NE. Don’t wait, give us a call at (402) 812-4400 or just click the button below to send us a message. Together, let’s create a basement that’s nothing short of remarkable.

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